Les Enfants de la Dernière Pluie

Les Enfants de la Derniere Pluie CoverI was recently approached by the French book publisher Éditions du Masque, who wanted to use one of my Hellingly Hospital photos on the cover of a crime novel. It has now been released and I was very excited to receive a copy of the book and see my work published for the first time!

The book is named: ‘Les Enfants de la Dernière Pluie’, which translates to ‘The Children of the Latter Rain’. The summary is below:

“During a visit to his brother Xavier who is a patient in a psychiatric hospital, Commander Lanester is witness to a brutal homicide, followed by a suicide. During the investigation, Lanester’s team is intrigued by the atypical personality of the suspected murderer – a nurse highly regarded for his empathy and professionalism. When they discover that he acted under the influence of powerful psychotropic drugs, the investigation shifts to a certain Dr Raynaud who is conducting research for a pharmaceutical company.

Thanks to the captivating hospital archivist, Elisabeth Dassonville, Eric Lanester is able to penetrate into the hospital’s logistics and meet the fascinating Theophobe Le Diaoul, the eccentric poet who gave his name to the establishment. But how can the poems of this old, unconventional bard shed light on what is proving to be a highly complex investigation?”

  • Les Enfants de la Derniere Pluie
  • Les Enfants de la Derniere Pluie

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